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Concussion Management


ImPACT® Concussion Testing:

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Most widely used computerized neurocognitive test to help evaluate and manage concussions.

  • Provides an objective measure of cognitive function vs. subjective self-reported symptoms
  • Evaluation and follow-up with a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant

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Program Highlights

ImPACT® baseline testing available in office and at most local schools
ImPACT® post-concussion testing -- billable to insurance

Return to Play

A 5-step progression designed to provide a smooth transition from injury to activity by medical professionals who understand the risks associated with a concussive injury.  Whether it be from sports, a motor-vehicle accident, or fall, we can help you get back to the game of life.  
Program Highlights
  • Sports Medicine and Credentialed ImPACT Consultant oversight
  • Physical Therapist evaluation and follow-up
  • Certified Athletic Trainer manages daily exercise program
  • Individualized to each patient based on sports, life activities, and interests
  • Ensures a safe return to activity